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Patience Montessori Earth Day Celebration in Boulder

Yesterday evening we had our Earth Day Celebration here at school in Boulder. All of the rooms (except the Nido/ Infant room) spent a lot of time on their performances, and it really showed!

The evening started off with some songs sung by the Wobbler Room. They sang the Itsy Bitsy Seed and Little Wiggle Worm. They even had puppets to help them act out the song. Great job toddlers!

Then we saw a performance by the Mini Room. They performed a short play about making the earth happy by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Some of the class were dressed as flowers, others as outdoor enthusiasts, and still others as people enjoying a picnic. They also had a display about Earth Day. On the display there were dolls made out of yogurt cups, flower hats made from paper plates, cottages made from milk cartons, and coasters made from fabric. What a great way to teach the children that using recycled materials can be fun and playful!

Finally our celebration ended with a play from the Primary Room. The play was about a group of visitors coming to Colorado. The visitors saw skiers, fishers, bike riders, geologists, and hikers. They shared the audience about all of the Colorado State symbols and how it is important to keep the earth clean! The whole celebration was a great success and we want to thank all of our families for gathering and helping us celebrate Earth Day in this way.

At Patience Montessori we really value these opportunities where we get to grow as a community and let the children expand their social abilities. Our next celebration will be for Maypole Day on May 1st. We will have a Maypole dance as well as a talent show. These celebrations and performances allow the children to expand their abilities in the realms of public speaking by feeling more comfortable and confident in front of a large group of people. Of course, it is always up to the individual child as to whether or not they want to perform in a specific play or song. Our main goal is to nurture the child’s independence and we feel these performances are excellent and fun ways to do so.


Patience is the Director of Patience Montessori School, a Multicultural Montessori preschool and kindergarten for children from the infant age of six weeks though six years in Boulder Colorado. Patience Montessori offers a childcare and daycare program as a service to working parents.


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  • Inri

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