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Summer 2012

This summer Patience Montessori has been buzzing with activity. Our lovely teachers and the director have dedicated themselves to incorporating many fantastic new ideas to make this summer one to remember.

June was our “Great Outdoors” month which we kicked off with a fieldtrip to Sunflower farm where the kids were able to witness a working organic farm with chickens, goats, and horses! There was a zipline to ride, a tire swing to swing on, and hay bails to climb on! It was fantastic to be out on a rustic farm and the children, parents, and teachers had a wonderful time. We look forward to our next Sunflower Farm adventure next summer. Another well loved event was the “Great Bear Hunt”. We set up a tent on the playground, and “camped out” in search of a very special bear, who happened to be one of our teachers who hid from the children in her furry attire.

July was cultural exploration month which we welcomed with our “Hooray USA” week. The children were busy learning about the US. They made country flags, and the Boulder Fire Department came to visit. We had a week dedicated to learning about Latin American culture. They practiced the Spanish language by setting up a restaurant and ordering food in the language. They also had a fiesta and dressed up in some traditional Peruvian outfits, put on a Peruvian play, and ate some traditional food.

In addition we brought in a taste of Japan with a Japanese Tea Ceremony which was put on by two parents, Akiko, Jack, and their friend Hiroko. It was very beautifully done, and the students were able to taste macha tea, and rice cakes. They also learned about how this tea ritual is used to encourage and enhance ones feeling of peace and tranquility.

Music is also an important part of our program here at Patience Montessori. Yesterday, Wednesday July 18th, several members of a local group called Technicolor Tone Factory came to play music for the children in an unplugged fashion. The children had a great time enjoying the music. Today we will be having Jeff Kagan who performs children’s music. He teaches about our natural world and taking care of the earth through his music.

It has been a busy summer of discovery, and as we near its end, we will be having a performance by a Ghanaian drumming group called BaoBao Festival. It is our final event for cultural exploration month. This is a great a great opportunity for families and friends to join us for some musical vibrations!


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