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Patience is the Director of Patience Montessori School, a Multicultural Montessori preschool and kindergarten for children from the infant age of six weeks though six years in Boulder Colorado. Patience Montessori offers a childcare and daycare program as a service to working parents.

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Patience Montessori Earth Day Celebration in Boulder

Yesterday evening we had our Earth Day Celebration here at school in Boulder. All of the rooms (except the Nido/ Infant room) spent a lot of time on their performances, and it really showed! The evening started off with some songs sung by the Wobbler Room. They sang the Itsy Bitsy Seed and Little Wiggle Worm. They even had puppets to help them act
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Communication and Community at Patience Montessori

Communication among the entire community of Patience Montessori is what makes this school so unique. The teachers always have open and consistent communication with each child’s family about the development of their child. Also, because it is a small school, the director, Patience gets to know each family and their individual needs. Our main goal is to creative a supportive and nurturing environment to
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Boulder Montessori School Offers Individualized Education

In early childcare / daycare environments it is important that each child is given individualized care. As a private school located in beautiful North Boulder, we pride ourselves on our commitment to individualized care. Whether it is in an infant, toddler, pre-kindergarten, or kindergarten room the need remains the same. In the Montessori environment it is essential that the teachers in the classroom follow
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Boulder Preschool with a Montessori Heart

Like many Boulder preschools, Patience Montessori offers full time and part time preschool programs. However, our Preschool Program is unique in that we provide Montessori based instruction. It has been documented that Montessori education results in: advanced brain development increased social skills increased communication skills increased physiological benefits Located in North Boulder, our preschool program, or Primary Program, is designed as a 3 year
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Boulder Childcare and Much More!

Patience Montessori is much more than a Boulder Childcare center.  Patience Montessori provides an educational environment for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.  While safe and reliable childcare is an important criterion for parents, Patience Montessori makes our mission to prepare your child for success.  Patience Montessori’s motto is “Nurturing Future Leaders” in the spirit that many important individuals have benefited from Montessori
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Top 1st Grade Readiness Preschool Program

“We have one of the top 1st Grade readiness preschool programs in Boulder!”

Montessori school thinks baby sign language increases IQ

Research shows that sign language taught to toddlers can improve later IQ scores by an average of 12 points. More than that, sign language allows infants to communicate before they are able to vocalize. Infants are able to communicate their needs and gain a feeling of control over their environment. Early learning of languages is shown to enhance intellectual growth. It provides children with
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Patience Montessori featured on TV again

Patience Montessori featured on TV again describing our sign language programming.

Upcoming Lecture Announcement

Patience Montessori School and the University of Colorado Psychology and Neuroscience Department are pleased to present Good At Doing Things A lecture by Neuropsychologist, Dr. Steven Hughes This lecture is a must-attend, highly visual, rapid paced, and entertaining lecture for anyone interested in a child’s education. Given around the world, Dr. Hughes answers the question, “How can we build better brains?” Learn how to
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Patience Montessori’s Sign Language Class Featured on 9News

Patience Montessori is proud to announce that our school was featured on 9News. This video is a credit to the curriculum at the new school, and to Patience’s commitment to enriching students’ growth and development. The 9News feature cites research that sign language taught to toddlers can improve later IQ scores by an average 12 points.  Also, the video features the voice of infant
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