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Back to School Night 2012

We had a fantastic back to school night this year. It was wonderful to have this time with the parents to express our gratitude to them for all that they do as well as shine the spotlight on our teachers. The teachers delivered their mini talks on the basics on each of their classrooms, and how the Montessori Philosophy is interwoven into the structure of the classrooms, and the importance of each learning activity.


Ms. Susan, our lead teacher for the Nido room talked about where this incredible learning journey begins to unfold for our youngest ones. She informed us of the different skills that the children develop during their time in this classroom, eye-hand coordination skills, and fine and gross motor skills. Ms. Ann in the Wobbler room emphasized the importance of the different types of sensory materials for developing the five senses. Ms. Michelle gave us a glimpse of the context in which the mini room students would be further developing their language skills, giving them a well rounded preparedness for the primary room. We also heard from our primary room teacher Ms. Athena spoke about the importance of continuity for the children in their movement from one class to the next. She gave appreciation to the other teachers who do such a wonderful job in preparing the children for each step of the way.

Overall this was a great opportunity to share our stories of how much we treasure the children and parents here at our school and let people know about the Montessori Environment is a gift for their children.


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