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Boulder Montessori School Offers Individualized Education

In early childcare / daycare environments it is important that each child is given individualized care. As a private school located in beautiful North Boulder, we pride ourselves on our commitment to individualized care. Whether it is in an infant, toddler, pre-kindergarten, or kindergarten room the need remains the same.

In the Montessori environment it is essential that the teachers in the classroom follow each child’s own inner guide. We have a low teacher-child ratio here at Patience Montessori which allows the teachers in each classroom to devote individualized attention to each and every child. The different temperaments, cultures, languages, and interests of each child must be recognized and incorporated to make them feel at home in their classroom.

Each child is different, with some children being drawn more to Math and others more to Language or Practical Life. The different areas in the Montessori classroom — Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture — allow for the children to explore and develop skills on their own. The focus is to encourage each child’s healthy interests as a way to discourage any unhealthy habits that may exist or develop.

The curriculum in the Montessori classroom is all inclusive and has a strong emphasis on peaceful interactions among one another. Each child must feel safe in their environment in order to progress to the next development stage in a healthful way. Peaceful interactions among one another are essential for this environment to exist, and support our individualized education.


Patience is the Director of Patience Montessori School, a Multicultural Montessori preschool and kindergarten for children from the infant age of six weeks though six years in Boulder Colorado. Patience Montessori offers a childcare and daycare program as a service to working parents.


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