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Primary Program

Primary Program (3.5 years to kindergarten)

We do not require children to be all toilet trained by the time the child enters the Primary Program. We work with the child and families on toilet training, as there is no hard and fast rules or age when a child is ready to use the toilet on their own. The primary program is designed as a three-year curriculum and includes kindergarten. The curriculum is comprehensive and the classes are composed of mixed age groups working as a community.

The older children straighten their leadership role by working actively at a high level of academic development provide good models of behavior for the younger children and stimulate their interest in all areas of the environment. The younger children become involved in a myriad of activities designed for their abilities while absorbing the dynamics of a fully equipped and active class.

The basic course of study is centered around the five following areas:

  • Practical life
  • Sense awareness
  • Language development
  • Physical movement
  • Expression (art & music)

The curriculum is always available on the shelf, waiting for the children. Meaningful, self-paced lessons serve to develop a strong sense of confidence and concentration. Independent study is introduced early to make way for future “unhindered” progress.

The Montessori approach, in existence for fifty years, differs from traditional education in several important ways:

  • It is a child-centered philosophy
  • Individualized learning is the key factor
  • All aspects of the child are developed (physical, emotional, moral, social, and intellectual)
  • Learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement
  • Students work at their own pace
  • Self-direction is encouraged
  • Montessori is not affiliated with any religion
  • Montessori stresses mutual respect and ethical values