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Toddler Program

Mini/Wobbler (Toddler Program)

Patience Montessori School offers an excellent program for the toddlers, which is conducive to the total growth of a toddler. The toddlers are under the individual attention of a trained teacher. The teachers are warm and loving. They deal with the child as a whole, which includes contributing towards their emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Our Goal is to educate children in a loving and orderly environment, where they can master their muscle co-ordination. They also work on body image and movement, as well as a sense of order, good habits, confidence and concentration. Each class is assigned two teachers. The teachers are well trained in Montessori Education, CPR, First Aid & Universal Precaution. Advancing to the next class is determined by the prepared environment’s capacity to meet that particular child’s educational needs. The toddlers have a playground.

Potty Training

We will help potty train your child. The director will notify you of our training procedures when your child is ready to begin. Our children get potty trained much faster than most parent expect.

Mini and Wobbler Developmental Characteristics

  • Exploration of everything around them
  • Explosion of language.
  • Capacity to create symbols, images and ideals.
  • Move constantly.

Curriculum for Mini and Wobblers

Mini and Wobblers Development Activities are grouped into following areas:

  • Practical Life Activities
  • The Five Senses
  • Language Development
  • Movements
  • Personal Expression

Self-help Skills:

Learn environment Measuring, Pouring, lacing, stringing.
Fine Motor Skills, Table manners and Socially acceptable behavior.

5 Important Skills

  1. Visual: Shapes, colors, patterns
  2. Kinesthetic, Tactile objects
  3. Smell
  4. Taste Food
  5. Auditory, Music CD, etc.

Reaffirmation & Enrichment of:

  • Pronunciation Vocabulary
  • Communicational Skills
  • Symbolic signs and Writing
  • Development of fine and gross motor co-ordination
  • Equilibrium & Strength
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Fine tune & appreciation of art, music, literature
  • Oral Story telling & other information